Michael (drscam) wrote in band_camp_guild,

First Successful DM

for me anyway. Did West side last night with Pus, it was crazy. The Frogger aspect was fun. The invisible guys are not, damn Spectres. Repair bill wasn't as bad as expected, but I'm thinking 2 tanks ping ponging mobs is a decent way to go.
So it was
Dragoness (60 Warrior)
Pus (60 Warlock)
Lazarus (60 Priest)
and Dror (60 Druid)

A totally cool mace dropped.
1 of those rings Kam got dropped
Lots of Hunter stuff dropped.
I got this http://www.thotbott.com/?i=35747 would have been way better for a pally and Dragonness didn't want as she was waiting for the Prince's drop, so I got 'em.

Killed that PvP guy and he dropped some stupid shammy bracer x 2.

It's filling out my +defense gear armor. Now I'm like +57 defense so that's pretty cool.
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